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One of the best ways to surf online anonymously is with Private Internet Access. It does not keep or record any personal information like many other internet services. It only requires your email address, your payment details and zip code to process the payment. Additionally, you can choose payment using crypto currencies for example Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. The service is customizable and is ideal for users who are technologically adept however don't want to be a risk to their security. Furthermore, it supports encryption using AES-128 and AES-256, two of the highest levels of security. Further, Private Internet Access is famous for its no-log policy as well as its refusal to comply with a request by the FBI to provide user information.

The servers of the company are situated in various countries. There are more than 1500 servers throughout the world. Over 1,000 servers are located within the United States. Other countries in which it has servers include the Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. Sweden is the only one that is home to 100 servers. The private internet access cost of a subscription is around $70 for a year.

Private Internet Access employs a range of protocols that accelerate its operations. Some are speedier than others, and others are more secure than others. A general rule is that the service can be slower than average depending on the region with a poor connection. The users most affected by this are South American, African and Asian. Private Internet Access is available throughout Europe and North America. The users shouldn't experience any problems with speed. The company is constantly updating their servers and is constantly expanding the speed of the service.

Private Internet Access is now accessible on Windows as well as macOS. The app also works with Android as well as iOS devices. It is simple to download , and comes with an easy interface. It lets you connect to your desired server's location, use the settings menu, and see your virtual and real IP address. The application can be used on as many as ten devices concurrently.

Private Internet Access uses military-grade encryption to safeguard your information. The encryption key, which measures 256 bits long and could take many years to crack It is strong at the 256 bits. Furthermore, the company will not divulge any of the personal data you provide to any third party. They have a no-logs-policy. They don't provide data to the government agencies.

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